The problem

Marketing and social media buying agencies struggle to manage client campaigns with traditional cards, as these cards cannot be customized to cap the spend on ad placement. There is also a risk that a card will be frozen if a predefined credit limit is reached.

The solution

Virtual cards with dynamic spend controls allow for real-time control of card activity to better manage client campaigns. Agencies can simplify media buying activities at the client or campaign level for thousands of ad spaces, while gaining billing efficiencies with improved data visibility and automated reconciliations.

Real world: media buying

Marketing agencies streamline media buying with virtual cards
Ad agency site
MPals platform
Media source
  • Media buy requested

    A new or existing client approves a digital-marketing campaign.

  • Campaigns created

    MPals provides a unique virtual card to pay for each campaign.

  • Cards charged

    Cards are set up for billing just like any other Visa or Mastercard payment.

  • Transaction reconciled

    Single-use card numbers and metadata allow for easy reconciliation and streamlined billing.

  • Metadata returned

    When each payment is processed notifications are sent with metadata and purchase details.

  • Payment processed

    MPals's platform is contacted by the appropriate network for authorization.

Key benefits for media and online advertising

Virtual cards

Place thousands of ads and manage each media buying campaign with its own card.

Instant issuance of virtual cards

Accelerate time to value and quickly spin up new cards for campaigns.

Dynamic spend controls

Gain control and reduce fraud in media purchases (e.g., limit spend by campaign, a start and end date, or time).

JIT (Just-in-Time) Funding

Eliminate the need to conform to credit requirements and the risk of freezing your campaigns when limits are reached at peaks.


Receive notifications about card events as they happen (e.g., an alert triggered by a certain transaction amount).

Inject metadata into each transaction record

Add a campaign ID, and/or a start or end date to each transaction record to ease reconciliation of payments across customer accounts and ad buys.